Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Haemorrhaging Fetus "A Dying Expression (Extended)" cs

Haemorrhaging Fetus
A Dying Expression (Extended)
Worthless Recordings

This is long. It's a c47 and I know that is not unheard of, god knows I have released longer tapes, but that is a serious length of tape to get through. Thank goodness it's totally brutal synth driven HNW for basically the entire length. I think. I may have zoned out while listening a few times. Like I said. It's long… Although there is one issue for me. A sample. A big horror movie sample right smack dab in the middle of the first side. It reminds me that it's supposed to be "creepy" and that people that do HNW are "unhinged" and you should watch out for them when they are in line at your coffee shop or whatever… Not a huge deal but it bugs me. The majority of this release is really excellent though. It says that it is "extended" which makes me think this may either be a reissue or possibly the artist knew this was a burly chunk of sound to digest. I do enjoy that it doesn't seem like he took some noise loops in his mac and dragged them out until he hit the 47 minute mark in garageband though. 
     The layout is fine but not very attractive. The type on the spine is some poorly distressed version of Garamond I think and then there is a poorly distressed version of Helvetica on the cover and although those type faces generally look pretty good together they have nothing to do with each other on this. The art is fine. High contrast sex pictures that make me think that Harsh Noise is supposed to be sexy and scary I guess. The Rita does that the best. Although, without the samples, Harsh Noise Wall is excellent music to fuck to. Trust me on that one. Gross...
     Would I buy this? No, probably not. 

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  1. i really like your reviews.. this one is harsh. good job.

    (can't wait 'til you get to the GRAVHUND 3" cdr)