Friday, May 11, 2012

En Nihil "Crimes" cs

En Nihil
Phage Tapes

The audio on this most recent En Nihil cassette is a total HNW. Very much in the vein of Taskmaster or Dried Up Corpse with it's dull brutality. It's not a sharp, pointed noise. It's more of a deep in the stomach grinding that every so often is pierced by little spears of feedback drenched synths. It's thick and you almost feel wet after hearing this. 
    As far as the packaging goes on this I am pretty pleased. Phage Tapes has certainly gone in a new direction with the hand screened covers. I love the feel of screen printed anything and this cassette is really nicely done. In fact it's double sided with another spot color on the inside which was very impressive. The only real issue with my copy is that the text didn't print so well and I can see where someone went back and touched up the white text with a white gel pen. I know how hard it can be to get small text to print but after watching Andrew Crawshaw print Khanate dvd covers with 10pt type successfully by hand, I am a little less forgiving. Still I am very impressed with this packaging. Simple yet you can literally feel the work put into this.
     Would I buy this? Yes

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