Sunday, May 13, 2012

Distant Trains "Teen Lust" cs

Distant Trains
Teen Lust
Worker Bee Records

Very, very lo-fi down tempo rock songs. Reminds me right off the bat of Elevator to Hell if they recorded in 1971. It's often soft and sad with vocals that sound like they are being sung from beneath a huge pile of blankets. There is a slight Dinosaur Jr. influence in there somewhere as well. The recording is crazy sounding and is almost too hard to explain. They use samples throughout their songs here and there and it's not bad. I think samples tend to work better in rock songs than they do in noise. I thought at first I would not like this but I am pleasantly surprised. This is nice work although not the type of thing I really listen to very often. Ten songs on this album. Limited to 50 copies.
     The look of this is super DIY. Handwritten text on the j card and the cassette itself. The tape is maybe just a little too DIY for me though. The logo on the front of the cassette is not doing it for me and I think they could have executed it a little better. I think this needs some more work.
     Would I buy this? Probably not. 

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