Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Andy Ortmann & Luca Sigurtá split cs

Andy Ortmann/Luca Sigurtá

Andy Ortmann from Panisville starts this cassette from Tulip Records. Glitchy, spaced out synth sounds make for a very interesting and disparate couple tracks. They both have their own interesting sounds one sounds like manipulated chimes with jabs of static and the next almost sounds like twisted phone dial tones…  It's pretty killer. Reminds me of something you may hear on Hanson Records. It's good.  Italy's Luca Sigurtá starts with a big wave of bit smashed distortion and hanging drones. There is a stopping and starting sound that never allows you to fully grasp onto the tones. It's nice but definitely makes you feel very anxious. The second track goes a bit more melodic with the drones but it's still cut up and fucked with by static and stutters.
     The packaging is apparently been done by this label before but it looks and feel spretty cool. It a thick felt bag that is very nicely made. A elastic strap holds the whole thing closed. Inside there is a entirely blank cassette but at least it's an interesting color. The little insert could probably be handled a little better but at least it has nice drawings and they credit the artist, Sara Cattin. Limited to 50 copies. 
     Would I buy this? Yes.

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