Monday, May 21, 2012

Clear Days Always cdr + 3.5" diskette

Clear Days Always cdr + 3.5" diskette
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Self Satified

So this is super odd. Some of it is really awesome lo-fi bedroom experimental, folk, pop, noise stuff and some of it is pretty much throw away nonsense. It instantly wins for having a 3.5" floppy disk of music but as far as the music goes it's real hit or miss. I would say for me mostly miss. This is similar to the Churchburner cassette I reviewed recently and I again know a few friends that will flip over this. It's not all or even mostly bad, in fact a lot of it is very well done but totally not my thing. I should mention that the audio on the floppy disk is my favorite by far and if you decide to check this out make sure you can get the audio off of that. I think if that was all I got to review I would have been much more into it. 
     The way this looks is definitely eye catching but ultimately I think it's just working for me. The paper is thin printer paper, the type is not horrible but it's not that great either, the diskette is spray painted when it could really have had something more interesting done to it…  I could go on. There is a strange comic inside that I enjoyed but I just think more care and focus needs to be taken on this. I do like how it was packaged like a bag of candy you would buy at the boardwalk though…
     Would I buy this? no.