Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mold Omen "Deem" cd

Mold Omen
Lava Church

Electro-acoustical noise at it's finest really. I am pretty into this actually. It has that lo fi sounds that I just love. Sounds like a single mic in a room with people just bashing the shit out of things. It's like listening to a tantrum from giant toddlers made out of crazy. I am pretty into it. A couple tracks become more synth destruction type tracks and lean more towards traditional noise. Also quite good and only once on the fourth track did I get a little annoyed and fast forward. The final track is actually quite a surprise with it's jangling guitar playing and deep drones. I am imagining the two gentlemen that make up Mold Omen, Andy and Mike, just need a Moog, a guitar, a hammer and a bucket of scrap metal and they could tour the world.
     Visually it looks a lot like a Holy Molar 7" i bought a handful of years back. Same font and colors. Instead of a laser shooting chicken, or whatever was on that Holy Molar cover, you get a creepy picture of squid ribs or something. That type besides looking very 8 bit is pretty cool. They need to reconsider the photo treatment, I would have probably not used any photo at all. The type is interesting enough and the photo is pretty unnecessary. 
     Would I buy this? I am torn. Probably not unless I could have listened to it a few times first. 

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