Friday, May 4, 2012

DS Matter "Harmonia" cdr

DS Matter

This is great. As far as the sound goes at least. Super quiet and subtle. Sometimes you get a bit of noise here and there but most of it sounds like you are standing in the wastes, recording Howl's Moving Castle from a mile away. Or maybe the small town Sophie lived in from way up on a windy hill. It's sad, quiet and surreal. I really enjoy this stuff. 
     The disc is in one of those damn dvd slimline cases with the upside down text on the spine…  The artwork is minimal and fine but I think all of these Abgurd cds I have been reviewing deserve better. It's fine but it just needs more… 
     Would I buy this? Yeah, with audio that good it totally makes up for the packaging that is driving me crazy...

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