Monday, May 28, 2012

The Rita "Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence " cd

The Rita
Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence

The Rita is one of those few acts that can still get away with the HNW meets brutal sex thing for me. I am not sure why it works but it really does. I think after seeing him perform and thinking he was super intense, with the epic harsh noise wall and the table slamming, but also thinking he looked pretty harmless/canadian made the whole murder+boobs thing seem kinda ironic. Either way what the Rita does is fucking fantastic. One of my favorite harsh noise artists working right now. In fact you have to check out that Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/The Rita collaborative cd on Debacle Records as soon as possible. Anyway, the two 30+ minute tracks on this cd are perfection.
     The packaging is real simple but works well. Simple pro printed sleeve in a plastic bag, sorta like how all the Revelation Records cd versions of 7"s used to look in the early 1990s. Clean type that works pretty well. I think the name "The Rita" on the cover may have been stretched and squashed a little which is never okay under any circumstances (I  am looking at you, people who design in Photoshop) but if it was done in this case it was subtle and obviously barely noticeable… 
     Would I buy this? yes. 

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