Thursday, May 17, 2012

T.O.M.B. "Uag" cd

Crucial Blast Records

This is fucking grim. Drone, noise, industrial, blackened ambient, experimental, doom… any of these genres can be applied at various times but what you really are getting is one of the darkest and most evil sounding records since whatever Blue Sabbath Black Cheer put out last. It really is all over in it's sounds but also totally focused and unified. If you take some DMT and listen to this on headphones at night you will die and probably look like that corpse from the Ring. It's fucking terrifying blackened ambient noise. I think the most unsettling thing is for the track Tribe of the Corpse where T.O.M.B. actually uses a contact mic on an actual corpse. So there you have it. You will never be clean again after hearing this.            
     The artwork is pretty nice but it's also a little heavy on the photoshop layers. That looked kinda rad in the early 90's when Dave McKean discovered how to adjust the opacity of layers but nowadays it just looks a little dated. The cover and back cover are nicely done though and all in all it's pretty cool. Note: I can't seem to find the cd nor the photo I took of it so I used an image from the internet. Apologies. 
     Would I buy this? Yeah.