Saturday, May 5, 2012

Andrew Felix "Intermediate State (enter)" cs

Andrew Felix
Intermediate State (enter)
I Had an Accident Records

My only issue with this cassette is that it is a second part of a series and I don't own the first. I guess that is not an issue with the cassette but with my obsessive weirdness. I wouldn't really care if it were for the fact that this fucking rules. Huge cinematic drones and subtle electronic pulses paint a huge picture on a c21. This has a very definite eastern vibe in its progressions and notes. I really love this. 
     The layout is pretty simple in that is just a one sided black and white j card in a case but with the type they have chosen and the artwork itself, I am impressed. The only tiny issue I may have is that on the spine they changed to type face of the title of the record to a typeface that doesn't seem to repeat anywhere else on the packaging and kinda fuck up the hierarchy. But like I said, tiny issue. This whole thing is solid. I hope some label knows enough to put this and the previous cassette, which I assume is also great, on vinyl once these 50 copies are gone. 
     Would I buy this? Yes.

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  1. the font on the spine is the same as on part one of intermediate state