Sunday, May 13, 2012

John Wheatly "Dimentia Europe" cs

John Wheatly
Dimentia Europe
Friends and Relatives Records

Very interesting. This is a long cassette, a c90, but in this case it is much to short. John Wheatly has basically traveled all around europe and made tons of field recordings and then seamlessly layered them together in one giant audio journal. It's fascinating and totally made to be listened to in a car on a long trip. It's very well put together and full of discovery. 
     It's looks say nothing about the audio journey though. It's so understated in it's layout that it feels like they are trying to hide how cool this could be. They don't have to do a lot but I feel like the design could compliment this somehow. they could use type that says travel, they could design it in a collage, maybe even both… I don't know. the layout is fine but it could be for anything. oh well.
    Would I buy this? Yes, it's worth it. 

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