Monday, May 7, 2012

The Prowler cs

The Prowler
Worthless Recordings

So I thought this was going to be another movie on cassette, as Worthless Recordings has been doing since their River's Edge cassette, but this is total HNW destruction. I fucking love this stuff. This sounds like putting your head in a waterfall. It's massive sounding. You almost imagine that the tape in your cassette is bouncing a bit from the fuckery that is occurring on this release. Fuck. 
     Visually its nice. Not much to it. It says the name on the spine, which shares it's name with a slasher movie about a ghost of a WWII vet that kills teenagers with a pitchfork because people were dicks once… I don't know. The cover is the painting from that movie and the back has the tagline. No other info. If I was judging this on how well it communicates with it's listener I would have to give it low marks but I I was judging this on how many fucks it gives I would have to say that zero fucks are given and fuck you for asking. I guess that means I am saying "fuck you" to me though…  Yeah this is probably working exactly how it was intended. 
     Would I buy this? Yup.

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