Friday, May 25, 2012

Bent Spoon Duo "Price of Darkness" cs

Bent Spoon Duo
Price of Darkness
House of Alchemy

This is total room music. By that I mean you are hearing two people actually playing a room. It is a percussive improvisational piece that has both some really great moments and some pretty forgettable ones. I really appreciate how this is recorded. The room is really the star. They scrape, pound, smash and play just about every corner of the place. It almost makes a sonic painting of the room in your mind as you hear it. I think my real issue is that it meanders too much. One minute I am hearing subtleties and restraint and the next I am hearing someone just filling up too much space where they should be worried about the in between moments. 
     The tape is nicely printed yardstick j cards but the paper they used or the finish on the paper is just not right for the darkness of the photo they chose. It's too shiny on the dark purple and black artwork. The photo itself has these little photoshopped traces in the corners that seem a little rough. The type treatment on the other hand is nicely done and just about as simple as the best moments of the music. The totally blank cassette, although an appropriate color, is a little underwhelming.  Just like the music it has it's strengths and weaknesses. Limited to 75 copies and definitely for fans of musique concrete.
     Would I buy this? No.

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