Friday, May 18, 2012

The Mumber Toes "Always Already" cs

The Mumber Toes
Always Already
Brave Mysteries

The Mumber Toes sound a lot like something I would expect to hear on Hanson Tapes. In that I mean it's dirty, lo-fi, spaced out, twisted synth driven noise. Because of that I pretty much love it. It sounds a lot like getting a sci-fi VHS stuck in your VCR and having to listen to the tape as it slowly eviscerates itself in the aging deck. It's awesome. 
     Visually it seems a little throw away but I still dig it. The cover is basically scribbles but those scribbles transfer over to the pro printed cassettes themselves and add some weight to the illustration and the inside pretty much looks how this sounds. Brave Mysteries is a pretty good judge of things and I think you will not be too upset with any purchase from this prolific label. I haven't yet.
     Would I buy it? Yes.