Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leather Sky "Neglected Prayer Rug Abomination" cs

Leather Sky
Neglected Prayer Rug Abomination
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

After seeing this band live and hearing their tracks on bandcamp I became a fan. The singer, Mike, was also in an excellent experimental/noise group called Epileptinomicon that really understood how to bring utter grim depression into your world but with Leather Sky it's a totally different thing. Super filthy hardcore. Heroin meets Black Flag maybe. The music destroys you and I love that. I do have to say that the quality of the audio on this tape is not the best though. It is too quiet, it has little of the power that the bandcamp songs did. I can't tell if it's even the same recording or if this is totally different. It's not bad but I think a touch of mastering here would have done them some good.
     The artwork is fucking killer. Again, it's filthy and dark. There is this underlying sexiness to Leather Sky's sound and presentation. It's punk and dark and a little scary. I like it. The hand lettered text and photocopied pictures are totally cohesive. This is DIY cassette production done right. Well done Sleeping Giant Glossolalia.
     Would I buy this? Especially after I saw them live… Yes.  

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