Thursday, May 3, 2012

Тетрагор "Сделано В Безумии" cdr

Сделано В Безумии (Made In Madness)

This sounds like a collection of old horror movie soundtracks. In the way that this reminds me of every creepy horror movie score I have ever seen kinda rolled together in a not as scary but way more dense soundtrack of the films. It's totally fascinating and actually has a pretty heavy NON vibe as well or maybe just the recent Robert Turman stuff. It's real good actually. I think you would do well to try to find this.
     The packaging that I received was clearly "for review". I can tell from the size of the paper stuffed into the white envelope with the tell tale upside down spine text that this was going to be one of those slimline dvd case things that I have decided I hate now. What I got in the mail is for review from places that don't care about the physical appearance of the release and just care about the quality of the audio. yawn. I care about it all so for this one…
     …when I ask myself, "would I buy this?" My answer this time would be no. Even with such killer music. 

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