Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lunokhod "Meditations on Life and Death" cs

Meditations on Life and Death

Lunokhod is the name of one of the Russian lunar rovers and I can see why that name was picked for this project as this cassette has a cold and lonely feel. Beautiful loops and drones that become more and more gorgeous as the track goes. Subtle vocals and field recordings add just the right amount of context and texture. It's fantastic. My only real issue with the audio is that it just stops at the end. Like there was more music and it wasn't planned well. It's not like a harsh noise track where that is kind of killer to just pull the power all of a sudden. This is jarring. 
     The artwork for this cassette is similar to the Leather Sky in it's production. I think the same person lettered both cassettes actually so I like that. The logo is a bit cut up and random and I don't think it works quite as well. Aside from that it's very simple but nice. Only 10 of these were made so I wouldn't be surprised if they were gone. 
     Would I buy this? Yeah, I think I would 


  1. you already reviewed this. (just to let you know)

  2. Oh shit. That's what I get for not cleaning out that damn folder. Thanks a mint! I will put a new one up.