Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clear Days Always "Smith High School" cs

Clear Days Always
Smith High School
Rastan Records

This is pretty god damn good. I don't think I have ever heard a cassette that has made me vomit before. Pretty impressive. In the midst of this excellent swirling, yet extremely minimal noise, you will hear quick cuts to the sound of someone throwing up. Repeatedly. It's nauseating but I love the idea that the artist, Levi Jacob Bailey,  either A) made himself throw up and recorded it or better yet B) was going to throw up and thought, "shit! I better record this!". I love that. Subtle and quiet little acoustic guitar pieces with some strange noise accompaniment pop up and the music just keeps morphing in your head. It's like the audio representation of an afternoon fever dream. The second side continues with the fever dream analogy but it even gets weirder. It ultimately works very well. A little better than the cdr I had reviewed. It's chaos and it will make you feel ill. This is an exceptional bit of artwork from Clear Days Always. I guess the label is defunct but if you search for the artist you can order one from him.
     It looks good. Strange hand done lettering on the cover that has an interesting 60's feel. A deer holding an AK-47. Nice simple type on the inside and a bizarre photo. It's great.
     Would I buy this? Yeah. 

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