Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Crucifix Trio "Lakemont Drive EP " cs

The Crucifix Trio
Lakemont Drive EP
Psychic Mule

To be honest I was a little unsure about this one at first. It's creepy and very abstract and for a minute I thought that maybe it was a little too abstract. Like maybe this was just some guy, calling himself a trio, messing around with things in Garageband and putting out a cassette. I sorta thought that for about the first two or three tracks and I was gearing up to write something like that but more fleshed out the moment I was done with this cassette. Then something happened. The creepiness took over. It's very creepy in a David Llynch, Begotten, the first 30 minutes of Event Horizon kind of creepy. I was unsettled. I found the strange random seeming piano playing now genuinely scary. In the end I think this won me over with it's craziness. There feels like there is some real insanity behind the magnetic pulses on this one. 
     The packaging is cool. It's a two color J card with some bizarre artwork on the cover that looks like someone being murdered. This may be from a snuff film. It's gross. The text is fine, nothing great but no major typographic crimes. But then the whole thing comes wrapped in this black cloth that is tied into a bag with three crucifixes screen printed on it. It's a little adorable in that way but it's still effective and really stands out. 

     Would I buy this? Yeah. I think so. 

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