Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Winters in Osaka "Heptagon" cs

Winters in Osaka
Heptagon (The Cassette Years Discography Part III)
Midnight Sea Records

I think I mentioned this before but I am a big supporter of Winters in Osaka. From the drone to the harsh noise, I am really quite a fan of their whole body of work. This cassette right here is a collection of previously released things that are all necessary to hear. A few collaborative tracks from releases with Al Qaeda, Bachir Germayel and Chris Dodge (Spazz). It's a great sampling because even though they are all collaborative tracks (with huge talents I might add) they are really a good example of the direction Winters in Osaka can go.
Unfortunately it looks pretty bad. It's badly photocopied onto regular photocopy paper, the layout isn't correct, you can't tell at first if it is a split with a band called Heptagon or if that is the title and the text is a total mess. This is a case of someone who either doesn't know or care about making something look good and make sense. I think with a basic knowledge of hierarchy and some slightly nicer printing/paper this could look pretty nice. It's just amateur. 

Would I buy this? Honestly, if it wasn't Winters in Osaka I would pass this by. 


  1. any idea if this is actually available yet or not? there's no mention on the midnight sea page about it, and they aren't returning my email, apparently...

  2. I don't. I will find out. I assumed the were...