Thursday, July 26, 2012

Diononesiste "Mota" cdr


Diononesiste is one of those impossible names that can only mean black metal. It's very much a solo project with telltale drum machine drums and possibly no bass. It's kinda tough to tell in most black metal recordings. Anyway, when I first started to listen to this I was pretty unimpressed but as it goes on I really started to love it. It reminds me so much of living in my first basement apartment when I moved away from home and making music with a drum machine, my guitar and one mic into a 4 track. It has that sort of precious sound that translates to something that is totally legitimate. The vocals are pretty brutal and the the songs are pretty fucking awesome. It's solid.
     It looks bleak. Mostly black with simple san serif type. It's nothing special but it works. Screen printing the disc was a nice touch. The mandatory photo of a dude in a costume even looks pretty cool. It's not bad. I would probably never pull this off a shelf to look at it but having it sent to me I am glad I heard it.

     Would I buy this? After hearing it I just might. 

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