Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shit Castle "Rat Cult and the Sore Throat Werewolves" cs

Shit Castle
Rat Cult and the Sore Throat Werewolves
Worthless Recordings

This is the audio definition of cacophony. This is harsh noise that feels like it was made 100 miles from the nearest computer. Junk, glass, metal, synths and hurricane sound like they all got smashed into a long complex piece off utter analog destruction. While I listened to this I accidentally saw a series of photos of a jet engine that had just sucked in a man. It was a grizzly sight of basically just blood, fat and mist but because of the music my only reaction was, "yup". What is wrong with me?
     Visually Worthless Recordings tapes always look good but they are doing this thing were the don't put the label info anywhere. I think that's pretty ballsy but I think I would still prefer that they did. Otherwise this is awesome as always. Minimal text and weird cut up photos totally work with the audio. Another good piece from Worthless Recordings.

     Would I buy this? I try to get everything on this label, so yeah. 

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