Monday, July 16, 2012

Bad Algorithm "Deathwish" cs

Bad Algorithm
self released

This is two pieces of pretty twisted HNW from B.A. Both sides have this forced through an old TV speaker quality that is absolutely crushing. The first side is pretty unrelenting while the second has this grounding drone sound that is constantly fighting with a wall of static. It's a beautiful dance.
      It looks pretty clunky as far as the type goes. It has poor hierarchy. In that I mean you can't tell if it's a split or not by anything. The project name is the same size as the album title on the spine and both sit a way that doesn't suggest one is the title. The cover has B.A.'s grind core looking logo in the bottom corner and then "Deathwish" in a display font across the top  which implies that maybe it is a band name and not the name of the album but then if you look it up online it appears to not be a split. It's kind of a mess. The picture on the cover is awesome though. 

     Would I buy this? I don't know, if I didn't know how awesome Bad Algorithm was I probably wouldn't. 

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