Friday, July 27, 2012

Pale Sister "Ordeal" cd

Pale Sister

This is straight up noise. Some of it ranges from very good to completely annoying. The variation of lengths is pretty cool. You have 5 minute tracks right next to 5 second tracks. Some of this is really heavy and awesome but I think overall this record could use some editing. I think about half the tracks on here, both long and short, can be purged. At best it sounds like Birchville Cat Motel and at worst it sounds like a kid with his first distortion pedal. 
     There is one very interesting thing about this packaging. It has a cut vinyl record that the cdr is stuck to. It's a cool idea but then the cover is a weird John Wayne Gacy photo, which I am over, and the text is all over the place. It's both a mess and contrived at the same time. Eh.

     Would I buy this? No.