Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cathartech // Noisepoetnobody split cs

Cathartech // Noisepoetnobody
split cs
Self Released (Cathartech)

This is the first of two Cathartech releases I am reviewing over the next day so I hope you keep an eye out. The tape actually start with Noisepoetnobody which is backwards from how it's listed on the spine but I can overlook that little error. Noisepoetnobody, if you aren't familiar, does this pretty excellent rhythmic noise thing that usually works quiet well. I like my noise a little more abstract but Noisepoetnobody does this pretty well. I think his real strength is in the collaborations I have heard recently, specifically a collaboration with Dean Moore who does a lot of experimental percussion. It's awesome. This cassette is not a bad sampling of his work though either. Cathartech owns the second side and it's glorious. Huge swaying drone that almost feels a little drunk. It's pretty awesome. I am a big fan of Cathartech's work in general and this is a nice chunk of it. 
     It looks pretty simple. There isn't much to say really. Nice abstract photo and simple type. There are a couple type choices with lining up text that is a little weird and there is that whole spine issue from before but it's not really a big deal. It's solid.

     Would I buy this? With the Cathartech name on it I would probably buy most anything. (DJ)

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