Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Thin White Puke "Sterile" cs

The Thin White Puke
Cult of Craft

I really don't know why it took me so long to review this. I got it and it sat in my pile and I kept thinking that I had to get to this. As it slowly moved up the pile I kept thinking I should just pop this in real quick and maybe have it jump to the head of the line but I kept my queue very democratic and orderly. Maybe something in the universe was trying to protect me from some of the most brutal noise violence I have heard in a long time. This is in the same world as Bastard Noise, Pig Heart Transplant, Drowner, Self Communion and Actuary. It's fucking demented and hateful. You need to love this. The vocals that bust through the surface of the dirging noise is completely fucking perfect rage. This is fantastic. There is a sample but instead of one line and then noise it's actually a whole two or three minute news report about women being sterilized in North Carolina without there consent by the state. This is how you do samples. It's not a Bill Murry line from Groundhog Day before a Shai Halud track, this is Buyer's Market. It has real context and impact and when that sample is over the last track comes in and it's amazing. This is a great release and I am pissed at the pussy ass universe from trying to save me. I am way too far gone at this point of my life. 
      The tape looks pretty good. The type is not bad. Needs to have some big, medium and small instead of big and medium. Also I think something besides center justification could be used. I am guilty of that but so is everyone else and I am getting kinda sick of it. If you are laying out a wedding announcement or telling the people of London during the Blitz to stay calm then it's okay, otherwise let us all just agree to stop aligning everything down the center and doing some left justification. Or don't. I am not the boss of you. Also, the name of the label is written huge on the back of the j card in a font made up of all drop caps. I don't know if I hate that or love it. It's not subtle. Either way this tape rules. 
     Would I buy this? Yes. (DJ)

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