Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jeremy Kelly // Chapels cs

Jeremy Kelly // Chapels
House of Alchemy

photo borrowed from tiny mix tapes

Another tape I just haven't gotta around to reviewing because my pile is so massive here. Thank goodness for Riley Scott. He is helping out quite a bit. I also may have another writer soon. Anyhow, this cassette from House of Alchemy is what I totally love in cassettes. It's super lo-fi and it feels secret. Jeremy Kelly starts off with some very awesome psychedelic guitar accompanied by some static noise. It's quiet beautiful and dreamy. The next couple tracks are just straight up acoustic guitar playing that makes you realize that he is really, really good at playing guitar. Fans of Jack Rose and John Fahey will enjoy this. Chapels starts with some acoustic guitar and some abstract accompaniment in the form of things being scraped or dragged around the room. Then it just builds into something wonderful. It's very interesting. I really enjoy how precious both recordings are on this cassette. It feels like it was recorded directly into a boom box and then handed right over to me. 
     The look of the tape is unremarkable. I mean that literally in that is nothing really to say. I appreciate the simplistic use of  the Baskerville Bold type but the type follows no coherent grid and therefore looks a little thrown away. The j card wasn't scored or folded correctly so it just sits weird in it's case but all that almost adds to the homemade nature of this cassette. I almost feel like that was important to it's look but in all honesty looking better wouldn't hurt this at all.

     Would I suggest you pick this up? Yeah, It's a good listen although visually pretty underwhelming. 

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