Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fermentœ "Glossolalia" cs

Merz Tapes

Kevin Yuen is a good friend of mine. We talk every week, have played shows together (as both Sutekh Hexen and Al Qaeda) and have released music together. Reviewing his work is not something he has ever asked me to do. It would come off as biased and my opinion would probably be blurred by my thinking he is a rad dude. It is even more difficult for me because he has excellent taste, is a good player and ultimately regularly releases excellent music that I always enjoy. It's madness. So take this for what it's worth but this tape is great. It has an ancient well's worth of depth. There are some beautifully clear instruments plucking right up front and way in the background this dense pool of fuzzed out drone. Each of the three tracks is different but totally cohesive. It's really great. I'm sure it will be reissued on vinyl someday because it's so god damn professional and gorgeous sounding. Fucker. 
      Visually it pretty much looks like a Vegas style porno flyer you would find in the future portrayed in Blade Runner. By that I mean it's awesome. Kevin's type treatments are always great. No complaints… seriously, I don't think you should take my word on this. I clearly am biased and irresponsible for reviewing this. In fact, if Riley Scott was able to play tapes at home right now, he would be reviewing this but that is his loss. So pick one up yourself and decide on your own. Oh, and don't tell Kevin I said anything nice about him. It throws off the balance of power. 

     Would I buy this? Of course not, Kevin is honor bound to send me everything he does…  but you should. 

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