Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Raven Dawn cs

Raven Dawn
Universal Consciousness

So this is really the first time the has been truly released since it's recording in 1997. Apparently these are a couple teenagers from rural Iowa playing some totally fucked up, blasting, noisy black metal. It's so poorly recorded that it sounds amazing. The vocals are absolutely filth and the guitars are so odd sounding that the whole thing feels surreal. The drums almost have more distortion than the guitars in fact. The whole thing is a debacle of hate and it's fantastic. 
     Universal Consciousness must have access to a letterpress because there is always a letterpresses element to all of their cassettes. On this one they chose a paper that looks amazing letterpresses but the other text seems to be just printed on a laser printer. That normally wouldn't be an issue but the font they chose, a degraded version of Gutenberg's text, doesn't show up very well. But you know what? Fuck it. It's still awesome and looks great. I love their work.

     Would I buy this? In a heartbeat. 

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