Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wand. and Princess "locust 9" cd

Wand. and Princess
locust 9

That period is not a mistake. That is their name. It's a duo that specializes in a noisy windy type of drone. It sounds like sleeping against the window a huge airliner at night. It would be pretty relaxing if it wasn't so grim. There are times it reminds me of Oakeater and other times I hear some Klaus Schultz. I almost wonder if there is an Ur relation as well. I really like that name. Wand. and Princess. I don't know why. 
     The packaging is super simple but pretty cool. Red on white paper that has a nice 1960's sort of feel to the design. Helvetica mixed with strange textures looks pretty awesome. Good design. 

     Would I buy this? yeah, it's solid. 

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