Friday, July 20, 2012

Winters in Osaka & Plastic Crimewave "Swamp of Fogs" lp

Winters in Osaka & Plastic Crimewave
Swamp of Fogs
Dismantle Records


I am a pretty big fan of what Winters in Osaka do. I have reviewed a couple releases now from them and they always deliver excellent noise heavy drone with just the right composition to make the audio interesting and worthwhile. This collaboration with Plastic Crimewave, aka Steve Krakow, is an excellent exercise in taste and restraint. Winters in Osaka create some huge sweeping drone soundscape while Plastic Crimewave adds guitar textures that bring quiet a bit of the psychedelic. It's only four tracks but it feels perfect. Well done.
     Steve Krakow is apparently a pretty killer artist as well. This cover at first seemed a bit out of place for the music but as I listened I really got into it. The art has an E.C. Comics meets Rick Froburg type of vibe that I am kinda in love with. The covers are a little simple in their design and the text on the back just feels flat and kind of a throw away. I wish they had tried to keep with the excellent hand drawn text on the front and maybe tried to add an additional color but regardless it still looks okay. The vinyl itself is beautiful. Half blue and half green and limited to 110 copies. I would love to see a bit more put into the packaging but regardless this is an excellent release.

     Would I buy this? With Winters in Osaka involved I would absolutely buy this. 

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