Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Molting "Insanity" cs

Centipede Farm

This is harsh and blistering noise from Molting. It has a very lo-fi FM radio filtered feel to it which I think elevates it to a whole new level of twisted. The noise is fast paced and urgent sounding. There is little space and no moment where you can really feel it lock down at all. It's sort of falling up a mountain. It's pretty intense.
     It looks like it thinks it intense as well but I have a few issues. The cover photo is creepy and NSFL and the goregrind looking logo is nice but there are these boxes around everything that look pretty clunky. Even on the spine where the text has this awful gray stroke around a font that is supposed to look hand done. It's pretty awful. The inside is not bad. A bit heavy on the center justification but that's not a big deal. The type is actually a pretty good size but the artist makes two references to his own work that come off a little cheesy. He calls what he does "sickness" and there is a warning stating that the content is so noisy that you may need earplugs. That's pretty dumb as well. The look of this thing is throwing me off a little in general but it sounds pretty damn good. 

      Would I buy this? hmmm… Kinda torn. 

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