Monday, July 30, 2012

Cathartech "Lithogenisis" cs

Self Released

Another excellent release form Seattle's Cathartech. Desperate, haunting drone with just enough texture to add the context you need to understand the depth these sounds travel. It's like sitting underwater on the edge of a giant trench and listening to the sounds of deep sea creatures echoing up the walls towards you. It's awesome and a little intimidating. 
     The type is a little off on the inside. It has this outer glow that is a big no no and the grid could stand to be a little stronger in how the numbers and letters relate to each other but it still works okay. The only thing I really wish were different is that the words on the spine are upside down from usual. Not a big deal but when I slide this into my wall of tapes upside down a small part of my OCD will flare up and eventually kill me. Either way Cathartech is always fantastic and well worth seeking out.

     Would I buy this? I would as I am a sucker for Cathartech

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