Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dracula Spacecraft// Endometrium Cuntplow split cdr

Dracula Spacecraft// Endometrium Cuntplow
Love Torture Records

Right off the bat, I have to add two more entries on the “things I can no longer call my schlong” list. I can’t even be upset, because this record is kind of rad. This split starts off with Dracula Spacecraft, and sounds exactly like what you would expect: Two lasers getting into a heated argument, in a haunted house. I’m all in. Rhythmic waves of creepy synth permeate the DS tracks, eventually merging into track four “untitled”, a collaborative effort between both Dracula Spacecraft and Endometrium Cuntplow (I’m seriously not going to get tired of typing that) which manages to be both really pretty and utterly scary at the same time. The rest of the CD can be summed up as eighteen and a half minutes of fear, recorded for your audio pleasure. I actually had to turn my speakers down out of fear of having to explain this auditory violence to the police. The best way to describe this album is a soundtrack to a way too close encounter of the third kind. The record can be split down the middle, with the first section I’ll refer to as the “abduction”, and the last half simply as . . .  “The probing”

     The cover art is really dark, so unless you spent more than 5 minutes staring at it, or were 14, you might miss the fact that the pretty lady on it has awesome boobs. It’s clearly pretty high quality, as evidenced by the inside panel though. I would totally buy this, especially since the used CDR case it came in gave the entire thing a snuff film vibe that fits surprisingly well with the contents. (RS)

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