Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hadals "Self Titled" cs

Self Titled
Worthless Recordings

Worthless Recordings has certainly started upping their output and I can't say I am upset. They are also putting out a lot more diverse yet incredible acts in the world of noise. Nervous Corps, Lungwash and most recently Hadals. Hadals is fast becoming one of the better noise acts producing right now. I have heard a few releases and they all have left me impressed. This one is no exception. Perfectly tense and twisted sounds with the best introduction I have heard in years. I can't say much more other than you should grab this…
     It looks great, so great it appears to be made out of molten gold. The j card is super heavy and very glossy which totally adds to the effect and the Pièce de résistance has got to be the clear textured sticker over the gold foil cassette. It's really well thought out. Excellent work.

     Would I buy this? Yes. You should right away. 

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