Friday, July 13, 2012

Don Cash "Epic" cs

Don Cash
Spring Break Tapes

Well, I wasn't expecting this. Don Cash is hip hop and as much as I enjoy quite a bit of this genre I don't really know a lot about it. My comparisons may end up being too mainstream or way off. I would say his rhymes are great and he sounds a little bit like Talib Kweli. The beats are pretty interesting as well. A little noisy and different from what you might expect right off the bat. The whole thing has a very under produced sound that works well. It's pretty damn good. 
     Visually it's pretty well done as well. The cover is strange. The image looks like it was cut out of a magazine years ago and then finally scanned and dropped on this weird red/pink background. The word "EPIC" is in a perfectly kerned display font, who's name is escaping me right now but you have all seen it before. It's a decent one. The rest of the type is handled pretty well. Simple san serifs look great although the inside of the layout is a little weak. Still it's a good looking cassette. 

     Would I buy this? I would and I would be totally surprised. 

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