Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moonknight "Ligea" cs

Universal Consciousness

This follow up to last years brilliant Toplov cassette is absolutely brutal. Moonknight has always struck me as being very depressive black metal. Fast and angular but with this underlying melancholy that tints everything. This record is very, very depressive. It seems like it may actually be a suicide note written on magnetic tape. The music is still recorded in such a homemade, lo fi way but the playing is intense. The drums and guitar interplay is blazing fast and totally tight. reminds me a little of early, early Deathspell Omega at times but with that early nineties approach that is often referred to as trve kvlt. Anyway, I can't praise this enough. It's hard not to love a band named after who was once one of my favorite Marvel superheroes (drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz).
     The packaging is great. Of course it is from Universal Consciousness. Letterpressed covers and off set printed insides make for a beautiful j card but this even has a small folded 6 panel, double sided, lyric sheet with illustrations for every track. It's above and beyond. 

     Would I buy this? As fast as you can. 

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