Friday, August 17, 2012

Raven "Victims" cs

Worthless Recordings

This is pretty interesting. I was expecting some super harsh destruction right off the bat but you get this strange slow loop of feedback swells that almost sound like whale song or something slightly more alien but still very sad. After a few minutes of this some little bursts of noise slowly make their way in the front of the music. From there the audio keeps churning and evolving into something kind of gross and beautiful at the same time. It's not too bad.

     I am not into the way it looks though. They use that tired photo of the Vietcong fighter being shot in the head by the South Vietnamese soldier for the cover along with some type that is just screaming computer. It looks like someone that worked on it knew how to use a computer pretty well but maybe didn't flush things out on paper well enough before hand. It feels created digitally. Maybe not I guess I am just seeing too many 1's and 0's. 

     Would I buy this? Probably not because it looks so odd to me.

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