Friday, August 31, 2012

King County "The Green River Task Force" cd

King County
The Green River Task Force
Self Released

This really reminds me of when I first got into noise. I was living with a couple friends who had moved out from New York City and they had introduced me to a lot of new things. Must have been about 1995. I was starting to read Answer Me! zines and working at Fantagraphics Books so I was being exposed to enough weirdness all day. Having my roommates first show me Brighter Death Now cds and take me to go see Merzbow and Massonna play was just perfect. The noise back then seemed very dark, like it was communicating something so erratic and primal that you couldn't help but be changed by it. It was actually a little scary. This cd by King County, although not quite as effective, definitely brings back a lot of those feelings. It's dark, harsh and pretty unrelenting. On my first listen I was expecting a lot of samples and what have you but thankfully the first thing you hear is HNW and not some tired police report sample. Ultimately I wasn't totally feeling this was totally effective though. I can't quite put my finger on it, it just feels too nostalgic to me. I guess that is my fault as the listener. Noise is like a rorschach test, you sort of see in it what you put in it. I think lately I have been very nostalgic for my early 20's and a little sad about that. 

      Visually it also feels a bit like a throw back. It comes with a huge postcard of the Green River Task Force which is a nice touch but the packaging in general is pretty forgettable. 

      I don't think I would buy this. In 1995 I would have been all over this. I would have ordered it with my Taint and Smell & Qium cassettes.

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