Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Horaflora "The Gland Canyon" cs

The Gland Canyon
self released

Buy this. Just do it. It's fucking great. Really. Especially the B side. I almost don't want to review it. Here is an overview:

     • It's long
     • It's awesome
     • their logo is an awesome ambigram

     I think that is all you need to know. It's not? Okay. So it's abstract experimental noise. It moves very slowly without being specifically musical but a lot of melody is found. The sound of a balloon being played with, a faraway bell, a delayed analog loop of a synth being turned on, the sound of someone rearranging their apartment at 4am…  all of it has the possibility for moments of melody or musicality. It's gorgeous. Gorgeous is a word I use a lot on here and there is a reason for that. The word gorgeous has always meant beauty with a huge amount of emotional resonance. This is what noise and textural music does for me. It gives me an emotional connection that no other music can do. Maybe Pink Floyd or Sigur Ros at their absolute best come close but it is much easier to find this in the unrestrained world of noise. Horaflora do this better that most I have heard lately. So go to their bandcamp page (link is to your right) and buy their cassette and when you get to the second side be prepared to be challenged but ultimately rewarded with some of the best audio you have heard all year/month/day. (DJ)

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