Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monogamy "Leaving Ludington" cs

Leaving Ludington
Human Male Press

This is all love songs. Sappy, lo fi love songs about loss and confusion and I think if this came to me at any other point in my life I would not be into this at all but I pretty much love this tonight. My life has turned to shit and my heart is broken and Monogamy decided that this was the very moment that I needed a warped and dirty pop song with an epic saxophone solo. They were right. At first I wasn't feeling this but it works pretty god damn well. I hope if you pick this up, it helps you too. 

     It looks pretty awful. Really but it goes with the warped tape sounds and the poor dubbing. This is totally unpretentious and to be honest I am sort of in love with it. Also it says this on the B side "I expected her to come over rite after work so I hit my dick with a hammer [sic]".

     I would probably not buy this if I just saw it sitting their in a record store but I wouldn't know the healing power of this tragically ironically named band. 

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