Saturday, August 18, 2012

Volition / Juhyo cs

Volition / Juhyo
Small Doses

Awesome! I wasn't expecting this at all. Volition is a doom band that sounds a bit like Grief, Burning Witch and Asva with a bit of Kyuss in the chord progressions. The vocals are totally crazy though. Super screechy and then like early Dwid from Integrity. It has a bit of that ex hardcore kid sound but it's totally competent and I would love to hear more from this band. I could do without the air raid siren and the sampe though, kinda silly. I guess they have a new singer… we shall see. Juhyo, after having done that awesome three way split on Debacle Records with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Bacteria Cult, has been showing up more and more lately in my mind. I am very happy to have discovered this project although a bit late in the game. Playing their side the first thing I think is that I don't love the sample thing, as you all know but it starts the track off and works in an intro sort of way. The noise that follows is totally psychedelic. It's intense and swirling. Totally disorienting and I would love to hear a collaborative track between Volition and Juhyo. Overall this is pretty killer.

     The design is nice. Their is a cool idea behind the type and it's executed well. I am digging this. I assume Joe Beres from Small Doses designed it. He has a good eye and I trust his work.

     Based on the way this looks and Juhyo's name on this cassette I would totally have picked it up. I would not have been disappointed. 

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