Wednesday, August 8, 2012

CAPA "The Road is a Grey Tape" cd

CAPA - The Road is a Grey Tape

photo from Ivory Antler's site
So much about this record promised me that I was going to absolutely love it, or despise its very creation for the rest of my life. The cover art is blurry, which is in itself annoying, but I can’t tell if it’s a mountain next to a lake, or a pale guy laying on his back with a boner, it might be awesome.  The name of the thing pisses me off, “The Road is a Grey Tape”, and I have absolutely no idea why, but my brain keeps trying to turn it into something more sensible.
The Tracks are all named like journal entries, “October 1, The Travel”, and each song is accompanied by a diary entry on the back cover. This should be really fucking rad,. but it’s tiny fucking print on a non-black background, which everyone agrees should be fucking illegal. At least, I think it looks like that, I got so mad after reading the first paragraph I probably ate the thing, and can’t find it anymore.

     Just the packaging brought up such a whirlwind of both hope and despair I’ve not experienced since that one time I accidentally saw my buddies dick. How was the the album going to actually sound? 
Like utter fucking disappointment. I should clarify though, there is absolutely nothing at all wrong the music. It’s quite pretty, and occasionally metally in mildly cool ways. But jesus christ this record is boring. According to my computer, I’ve listened to this thing 10 times, and I still couldn’t tell you where the thing begins or ends. This could very well be my ADD kicking in, or it could be this record lacks anything that makes you go “Oh, Fuck yeah”:
if Isis somehow became an even more boring band, and then decided to start making records to be played exclusively in your dentist’s waiting rooms, they would make “The Road is a Grey Tape”.

     Would I buy this? Well, the main dude is credited with like 15 instruments, 5 of which don’t even sound like real things. I probably would pick it up for that reason alone. I also have a hunch that if I saw CAPA live, I would be all over this record. (RS)

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