Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nervous Corps / Crown of Bone cs

Nervous Corps / Crown of Bone
Worthless Recordings

Here's the thing. I think it may be time to make Worthless Recordings' page your home page. Dude is putting out a new release almost every day it seems. He has got momentum and it's awesome to see him using it to this degree. Anyhow, this was one I was very excited to pick up. Nervous Corps (wm. Rage from Blue Sabbath Black Cheer) has been doing a lot of good HNW work lately. This is a slight departure from that style but it is still total non-musical noise destruction. Lots of piercing feedback and blistering tones that love to spend a lot of time cutting you to pieces. Lovely. Crown of Bone deliver a very dense HNW spattered with insane screams. It's fucking great. This is the kind of stuff you hope is blasting when your landlord drops by. It wouldn't get you kicked out but it would insure that you are bothered as little as possible from that point on. 

     Visually it's simple. Maybe a little too simple but it works fine. The one thing I would change is the choice of black letter font on the cover. it's in all capital letters and those letters are actually not designed to be next to each other. They are designed to be either drop caps or next to lowercase letters. When they are all in a line like that they look kinda spaced out and off. Not a huge deal though.

     I will buy anything that says Nervous Corps, so yeah...

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