Thursday, August 16, 2012

MaCu vs. Federico Barabino "Waves" cs

MaCu vs. Federico Barabino
Inner Cinema

I probably shouldn't immediately start this review by apologizing for being gone for few days but I will. It may be a little scattered over the next week as I finish up school as well but the one positive of not being able to listen to much music and write about it is that I have had this cassette in my player for about a week and I am constantly playing it. Mainly because I keep telling myself that I am going to write about it real quick before I get to my homework but I don't. The real up side of this is that I get to hear this over and over. It a huge piece of collaborative work that sounds like it could be the background music for Paul Pope's Heavy Liquid. Synth and noise that create this apocalyptic soundscape that sprawls across time. Little bells and distant thuds create so much space and texture that you just want to bathe in this. It's very good.
     It is a simple j card in a case but it is designed so well that this is definitely going into my book. Excellent typography that goes perfect with the digital illustrations. Very well done. It's even printed  on cheap, crappy paper but still works awesome. you will be pleased.

    Buy this. There are only 50 and they will all be gone.

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