Friday, August 10, 2012

Harassor "Night on my Side: The Bruno Sessions" lp

Night on my Side: The Bruno Sessions
Rising Beast Recordings/Universal Consciousness

Thanks to the oily black hell that is Los Angeles for expelling Harassor. This is their third and so far my favorite album by these lunatics. It's often fast, grimy thrash with a touch of black metal. The music will make you want to bathe. It reminds me if you were able to smash Darkthrone, GBH and Bone Awl into one band and then let them cut themselves. It's awesome although I was a little disappointed that the Bruno sessions weren't alluding to Bruce Willis in some way.
     It looks perfect. Tons of liner notes inside a screenprinted cover that is also covered in dried blood. It's pretty gross but it is pretty flawless.

     I would totally recommend you pick this up. (DJ)

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