Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dead Times/TRTRKMMR split lp

Dead Times/TRTRKMMR split lp

Fuck. This is pretty fucking awesome. Both artists on this record totally have their own sound but they both share a ton of brutality. Dead Times starts their side with a strange bit of old music. A sample if you will but this is a stand alone intro sample that goes for the whole length of this creepy old timey song. It sets an interesting mood that Dead Times just destroys. It's like they set up a huge banner made out of grandma's dollies, 19th century wedding photographs and pages from old editions of Keats poems and then busted through it with a flame-thrower powered by hate. It's pretty awesome music that immediately starts pummeling you. Like if Swans got to hear what Pig Heart Transplant sounded like before they started recording…  It's epic. TRTRKMMR Does this equally fucked up industrial noise thing and they do it better than most. It's very vocal heavy and the vocals are very pissed. To make sure I don't cheat TRTRKMMR on their equal share of hyperbole I will say that overtime he sings I will bet it's about to be his last. It sounds as if he has more hate for his ability to make sounds than anything and is trying to end it by revving the engine till it explodes. Both artists do a collaborative track at the end of this record and they are both fantastic and doom ridden. They could easily just start a side project and do these all the time. The only thing I would personally nix is the samples. The TRTRKMMR side has more than zero and that kinda bugs me but that is purely my taste. I know some people love these.
     It looks great. Dark, simple and grim. Nothing bad to say here. It looks like they didn't have thousands of dollars to spend on packaging (who does anymore) and decided to make something that looks great within the restraints they have. It's good. A nice Sigmund Freud quote on the back says "watch out! We're nuts."

     Would I buy this? Absolutely. 

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