Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stuart Chalmers (Tusk) "Myths and Beasts" cs

Stuart Chalmers (Tusk)
Myths and Beasts
The Lows and Highs

This is pretty damn cool. Stuart Chalmers certainly loves his tape loops and what better way to celebrate it than with a cassette that uses the format all the way up the the listening. Side A is tons of noisy, droning sounds mixed with fragmented tape manipulations. Stuart Chalmers' music has a madness to it that I love. The B side to this tape is side A backwards. I know he is not the first to do this but it seems very relevant to this exploration of magnetic signals. Good work. 
     The visual side of this is weird. A strange still for a movie I think of a child with his hand on the shoulder of some sort of monster thing. It's pretty cool looking. The type is fine, nothing amazing but it works well enough. Any points they may have lost in a sorta of boring yet acceptable layout are pickup back up when they decided to screen print the labels that go on the cassette and then stamp them. That is a nice detail that was totally unnecessary. 
      Would I buy this? Yeah, I guess I would. 


  1. Hi Stuart I am interested in making contact with you re your recordings I am an artist with a show in Portugal next month I want to have a sound cllage playing with the show ....if you are interested please let me know.....

  2. My name is Charlie holt the account is my wife's. My e mail is You can me on Facebook.

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