Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sleep Sessions/Areyfu/agit8 "Restrict, Suppress, Censor " cd

Sleep Sessions/Areyfu/agit8
Restrict, Suppress, Censor
Now This

This three way split from Sleep Sessions, Areyfu & agate is 11 tracks that makes about 50 minutes of totally fucked noise. Right off the bat I am trying to figure out if this is a split or a collaboration. I think it's a collaboration. The cd does seem to be divided into three parts but I think those parts are more narrative (Restrict, Suppress and Censor). It's a little hard to tell but what I can tell is that this is a really well done piece of experimental anti music. The noise is intense and dense but there is a lot of silence to add just the right amount of context and contrast. These artists, David A Kowalski, Michael J Ellingford and M.D. Bailey respectively, really seem to know what they are doing around a pedal board. This is recommended.
      The looks of this is pretty cool. The artwork and design are nice and messy. A creepy heart painting with a fence/frame thing behind it. The typography is wrong in a way I totally enjoy. Crazy kerning and a strange grid make for some interesting design. The actually sleeve itself is a little strange. it's obviously punched out of a bigger sheet and has these little burrs on the edges that seem a little weird but put it in a plastic bag and all will be well.
     Would I buy this? Yeah. It's good. 

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