Sunday, June 17, 2012

Apophallation "Popular Music for No Purpose" cdr

Popular Music for No Purpose
Lips Infection

So the packaging on this kinda overwhelms my opinion of this right off the bat but more on that later. 
The audio on this thing is almost entirely fantastic harsh noise. There are a few samples here and there but overall it's huge thick waves of harsh noise. The times samples are used it totally works as a jumbled decaying sound collage. None of that Exorcist III creepy old lady talking before a wall of static tries to scare me. There is something similar in the way of a sample on the third track. A woman's voice is heard saying "…it's kinda too late for that…" but it's more odd than anything and works as a period at the end of a noise sentence. This is weird and awesome…
     Speaking of weird. The packaging is nuts. Hot pink and green dominate the layout. The artwork looks like its right out of Reddits' /r/fifthworldpics. The color choices of the amray cases and inserts are fantastic and I am jealous. Well done. 
     Would I buy this? Yes. 

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